Attacks on American Statesmen Throughout History

The assassination attempt on Donald Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania, in which the former US president and the most likely Republican candidate in the upcoming presidential elections was wounded, shocked the American and international public. An avalanche of accusations from one side and the other of the political spectrum immediately began, and state authorities […]

France’s Election Turmoil: a Close Call for Macron Against Le Pen’s Surge

French voters banded together to prevent Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) from taking power. Voter turnout in yesterday’s second round of extraordinary parliamentary elections was 66.6% (compared to 46.2% in 2022), which is the figure that best reflects the high political and social stakes of these elections. Just a week ago, Macron seemed headed […]

Political crossroads: French elections could reshape the EU and NATO

Global strategic and financial consequences nowhinge on the outcome of July 7 ballots in France — a two-round process that holds significant implications for the country’s role in the EU and NATO. IPESE gives you a comprehensive guide to understanding this pivotal election. On June 30, France took a significant step towards a potential right […]

Terrorist attack inspired by antisemitic propaganda

There is no doubt that the terrorist attack in front of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Belgrade, in which a Wahhabi terrorist shot a member of the Gendarmerie of the Republic of Serbia in the neck with a shot from a crossbow, is a consequence of antisemitic propaganda that is getting stronger […]

Guide to the US Elections

Part III  The first presidential debate between Biden and Trump is set for June 27. How important the debates are, how they affect the course of the campaign and what history is hidden behind them, find out in the new IPESE analysis… The US President Joe Biden and the former US President Donald Trump have […]

What to expect from the new European parliament?

Political parties across Europe have been holding together for decades to keep radical options away from positions of power, using a strategy known as the cordon sanitaire. Now when European elections are over, it is clear that national options across Europe won a convincing victory, with results in Southeast Europe following the trend. Center-right and […]

Guide to the EU election process

Today marks the beginning of the European elections in which 373 million voters will have a direct say in reshaping the political landscape of the EU. This year’s elections are anticipated to bring a notable shift to the right, impacting the EU’s policy focus on security and migration, and reflecting the broader rise of populist […]

New economic corridor and balance of power in the Middle East with the US alliance

The establishment of an economic corridor starting from India is an ambitious 4,800-kilometer project that includes American allies. Serbia is in a favourable geographical position.  We are witnessing a new era in US-India relations ― their partnership is stronger, closer and more dynamic than ever before. It is not a secret that those who are […]

Guide to US elections

PART 2 US elections – Century and a half of a bipartisan clashHow did we get the republican and the democratic party? From Lincoln’s victory in the elections until present day, all American presidents have been either from the Republican or from the Democratic Party, and the dominance of these two parties has been established […]

A law that changed the business climate

The recent amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction have significantly enhanced the business environment, allowing companies to invest more freely and create new jobs. These changes have released 88 million euros in capital that was previously tied up, awaiting the abolition of conversion fees for the right to use construction land into the […]

What did we learn from Iran’s attack on Israel?

Israel and allies remain superior, natural gas prices on the rise because of Iran Coast of Iran is fully militarized. Iran has a 200-kilometer-wide section in which it can block the Strait of Hormuz and prevent petro-monarchies from exporting oil and gas to Europe. Europe does not have the ability to control this key geographic […]