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The Institute for Politics and Economics of Southeast Europe (IPESE) is an independent center for research and action, dedicated to promoting regional stability and prosperity through cooperation, research and education.

We aim to influence decision-making on the most important issues at national, regional and global levels and to shape policy, legislation and public opinion.

At IPESE, we are committed to providing expert analysis and advice on the most pressing issues facing South East Europe.

We are a center for thinking and working, bridging the gap between research and action. We work with governments, policy and decision makers, the civil service and society to make a real impact.

Our goal is to educate and empower decision makers to become active partners in their own development and in the search for joint success.

We strive to build an interconnected society where people across Southeast Europe can benefit from access to information, resources and opportunities.

"We analyze, educate, connect"

Welcome to the page of the Institute for Politics and Economics of Southeast Europe, an independent center for research and action founded with the aim of connecting communities, nations and cultures to promote regional stability and prosperity.

Our founders envisioned an organization dedicated to educating and empowering decision makers to become active partners in their own development and, therefore, joint success. Our mission is to influence decision-making on key issues at the national, regional and global levels through collaboration, research and education.

We believe in shaping policy, legislation and public opinion to build an open society based on diversity and dialogue. At the Institute, we embrace a vision of social progress, driven by innovation and new technologies, which supports sustainable growth and responsible leadership.

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to peace and stability in the region and through working with our partners to create policies that will pave the way to building a prosperous and just society for all European nations. We firmly believe in the common political and security perspective of Europe, and we want to play an active role in the process of creating policies that will promote peace, stability and prosperity in the region.

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to working with you towards a better future.

Zoran Korac

Founder and Director


IPESE is committed to fostering cooperation and collaborative initiatives among countries in order to achieve the highest democratic, civil, economic, and social standards.

Our objective is to contribute to the advancement of existing European and regional processes, as well as bilateral and multilateral initiatives, facilitating the swift integration of the Western Balkan region into the European Union.

The Institute for Politics and Economy of Southeast Europe (IPESE) is dedicated to promoting the establishment of robust and independent institutions, and contributing to the creation of a political environment that enhances citizens’ trust in the state, encouraging their active participation in political processes.

IPESE advocates for policies of peace, cooperation, and tolerance, which are vital for the region’s stability and continued economic growth.

We firmly believe that reinforcing shared European security and defense is essential for safeguarding the safety of every citizen.

Our team of esteemed experts at the Institute is dedicated to promoting a sustainable environment, where the flow of goods, services, and people operates seamlessly between countries, and economic, financial, and tax policies support private sector development.

We actively advocate for and support the connection of regional economic entities in their collaborative approach to third markets. This requires the ongoing construction of road and railway infrastructure to enhance connectivity between countries, improving cooperation in trade, tourism, and cultural sectors.

IPESE endorses public policies that accelerate the conditions for the development of innovations, new technologies, and startup entrepreneurship. We regard knowledge as society’s most valuable resource.

We believe that the expertise of young engineers and the utilization of digital technologies can play a significant role in improving the efficiency of state administration and fostering sustainable development.

A crucial aspect of the Institute’s role is to promote the rule of law as one of the most important European values. Personal and civil freedoms, as well as human rights, must be guaranteed for every citizen.

Judicial independence must ensure equal legal protection for all, regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, language, religious or political beliefs, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or other characteristics.

Advisory Board

Maria Nicoletta Gaida

Advisory board member

Maria Nicoletta Gaida, an Italian and American citizen, has extensive experience working in international activities, where she has combined her unique artistic, cultural and professional experience with creative approaches to today’s most pressing global issues.

For over 30 years, Gaida, who speaks 4 languages fluently and 2 at conversation level, has designed and implemented more than 150 projects involving victims of conflict, survivors of war, rape, and sexual violence, warring factions, grass roots organizations, and leading personalities from the realms of politics, religion, business, culture, and the arts. She has also established and managed non-profit associations, cultural centers and foundations. Read Less

Georgios Elmalis

Advisory board member

Georgios graduated in law from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He also holds a master’s degree in legal studies with a specialization in European law at the University of Leuven (KUL) in Belgium. After completing his postgraduate studies in 2010, he worked at DPG Group as a legal advisor.

He was the executive legal advisor of DPG Group and KAE Panathinaikos for 4 years, and also participated in the boards of directors of several companies of the Group.He was the first Greek lawyer to become a member of the Association of Sports Lawyers in 2014.

Mr. Elmalis is interested in entrepreneurship, especially youth entrepreneurship, supports cultural interactions and youth initiatives and enjoys designing new business structures. Read Less

Dalibor Milos

Advisory board member

Well-known for his remarkable leadership and entrepreneurial success Mr. Milos was manager of UNIS Telekom for more than 15 year, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Aluminij d.d. Mostar, one of the largest producers of aluminum in Southeast Europe and the largest exporter of Bosnia-Herzegovina, member of the Supervisory Board of Tehnika Zagreb, one the biggest construction companies in Croatia.

Recognized for outstanding accomplishments, Mr. Miloš received Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Manager of the Year award in 2012. In addition to his success in business, he is the founder of the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Mostar and President of the Basketball Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Read Less

Srulik Einhorn

Advisory board member

Srulik Einhorn, a prominent figure in the realms of public opinion and marketing, is widely recognized for his expertise in election campaigns and crisis management.

As the founder ofwww.perception.media, Einhorn serves as a strategic advisor and chief creative director to renowned global leaders. With a prolific career spanning three decades, he has cemented his status as one of Israel’s preeminent experts in the field.

Einhorn’s portfolio includes advising Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his last five election campaigns, culminating in a triumphant return to office on November 1st, 2022.

In addition to his work in the political sphere, Einhorn has made significant strides in the business world. As the founder and former CEO of Allenby Concept House, Israel’s premier digital branding agency, he has led successful campaigns for major consumer brands such as Visa, Pepsico, Nestle, and Sodastream.

Einhorn’s insights have been sought by leading international publications, including the Washington Post, Haaretz and Der Spiegel, where his expertise in public opinion and marketing has been showcased. As a member of the Institute for Politics and Economy of Southeast Europe’s advisory board, Einhorn brings invaluable experience and knowledge to the table. Read Less

Gregory Minjack

Advisory board member

Mr. Minjack began his international development career in 1992 when he opened the National Democratic Institute’s first residential program in Russia. He has since built an international career that has included campaign and communications consulting for political parties and civic groups in the former Soviet Union, the Balkans and South Asia.

During his successful career, Mr. Minjack was a Technical Specialist at Democracy International, DI’s Electoral Expert for Campaigns and Political Parties in Afghanistan, where he supported DI’s Electoral Reform and Civic Advocacy Program in the country, also was part of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Office of Civilian Response as an active member of the Civilian Response Corps.At USAID, Mr. Minjack specialized in elections and political processes in reconstruction and stabilization environments. Read Less

Nikola Žarković

Advisory board member

Born in 1979 in Belgrade. Graduated from the Fifth Belgrade High School and the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. Attended a specialist course in European Union Law, in cooperation with the Faculty of Law from Nancy – France.

Before becoming a lawyer, he worked at Bank Poštanska štedionica a.d. on legal affairs. Internship done with Adv. Spremo Borivoja, an independent lawyer since February 2009. The field of work is criminal, tort and corporate law. He speaks English, uses German and Russian. Married, father of three children. Read Less