Secretary of State Blinken at the 30th anniversary of the Baker Institute: International law is the foundation of world order based on peace and stability

HOUSTON (TEXAS), October 3, 2023 – At this moment, the foreign policy of the United States of America is focused on ending Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, normalizing relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, and reducing tensions with the People’s Republic of China, which is an ever-growing economic and military power, said the Secretary Anthony J. Blinken, at Baker Rice University’s 30th anniversary celebration.

He recalled the importance of the formation of the UN after the Second World War, the basic principles that deal with issues of sovereignty and independence of states, the foundation of a world order based on peace and stability. “It is the Russian actions in Ukraine that violate international law and thus reject the established international order,” Blinken stated.

“Standing and fighting for the aforementioned principles is important for our national interest.” This is not only because we want to help people in Ukraine who are exposed to aggression, it is important because the principles at the heart of the international system are equally threatened. If we don’t defend them, we will open Pandora’s box, and we will get a world without international law, which would not be good for anyone,” said Blinken.

When it comes to the People’s Republic of China, the economic, military and diplomatic resources at its disposal and a different view of the future represent a real challenge for the US. Blinken noted that USA’s share in the world economy expressed in GDP is about 20 percent. Together with the democratic countries of Europe, key partners in Asia, Japan, the Democratic Republic of Korea, India, Australia, etc. it still represents the world’s leading economic power with about 60 percent of the world’s GDP and that is a weight that no country, including China, can ignore.

State Secretary Blinken pointed out how important it is for the US, as a world leader, to connect with other countries on all continents, because in this way, in a great alliance, it can influence the establishment of democratic principles that unambiguously contribute to the political and economic development of states.

“For the US, and for me personally, human rights are a national interest. The simple truth is that countries that really respect the rights of their citizens are countries that are likely to be more successful, that are likely to be less involved in conflict, less likely to be a source of migration, because people are fleeing repression and conflict,” Blinken underlined.

The honorary president of the Baker Institute, the 61st US Secretary of State, James Baker, emphasized the role and importance of the Baker Institute, which has been attracting leading world and American diplomats to Rice University through its dedicated work and reputation since 1993. 

Mr. Baker welcomed Secretary of State Blinken, emphasizing that he is a man of impressive biography, knowledge and experience, who tirelessly serves his country, the citizens of the United States of America and the world. 

The Baker Institute for Public Policy is a nonprofit research organization located at Rice University in Houston, Texas. The mission of the Baker Institute is to objectively and critically analyze contemporary currents on the international political scene by applying modern analytical methods. By fulfilling the goals of developing democracy, the Baker Institute plays a decisive role in solving significant political challenges at the local, national and global levels. 

In addition to Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, the Baker Institute’s 30th anniversary celebration was attended by Robert Ladd, chairman of the Rice Board of Trustees, Matthew Lowden, dean of the Shepherd School of Music, and Paula Desroches, wife of Rice University President Reginald Desroches, who play special roles in development at Rice University.

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