Spajić: Montenegrian institutions started functioning, a broad consensus is needed for further progress towards the EU

A wave of optimism flooded Montenegro. The young Prime Minister, Milojko Spajić, brought politicking, charlatanism, political superficiality and populism as the main adjectives of past political life in Montenegro to a dead end.

Encouraging economic growth, raising the standard of living in all areas with the rule of law and an accelerated path to the EU, as the basis of new activism, are the priorities of the Government of Montenegro.

Milojko Spajić is a Japanese student, original employee of “Goldman Sachs” and the bearer of the spirit of the second richest country in the world, Singapore.

The Institute IPESE conveys an interview featuring the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Mr. Milojko Spajić, conducted for the state television of Montenegro RTCG, presenting the Government’s results achieved in the first 100 days of its term.


“Institutions in Montenegro started functioning, which was key to the results achieved and a prerequisite for the implementation of the second part of the program of Evropa sad and the future path to the European Union,” explains Mr. Milojko Spajić, Prime Minister of Montenegro

On the occasion of the 100 days of the Government’s work, he spoke about the results and plans of his Cabinet in a guest appearance on Radio and Television of Montenegro.

At the very beginning, Spajić pointed out that the institutions in Montenegro finally started working, which was key to all the results that were achieved and a prerequisite for the implementation of the second part of their program and the further path to the European Union.

He emphasized the implementation of the population census as one of the most important results, which according to him was a hot topic handed to this Government, and which, according to him, the Government did very well.

„We achieved a cohesion that did not exist in this country for 20 years. We calmed tensions, reduced polarization. Will there be polarization in the future? There certainly will, but not at the level that was until December 2023. The “grey list” of Moneyval (Body of the Council of Europe for the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism) has been avoided, that is a very important thing. It is a prerequisite for any economic progress, for our European path, for the rule of law, prevention of money laundering, financing of terrorism, mafia.…”, said Spajić.

Spajić stated that the parliamentary majority functions well and that he commends all politicians for the benefit of Montenegro.

„In my opinion, the Agreement that was signed before the formation of the parliamentary majority is of high quality because it defines all details of the relations within the parliamentary majority. This is also the reason why things are predictable and why they work well AND simple. As long as we adhere to that Agreement, I don’t think there will be any problems“, Spajić stated.

He revisited the good things done by the Parliament when it comes to judiciary nominations in the Constitutional Court, as well as for the Judicial Council and the VDT, which according to his words pave the way for Montenegro’s future.

Spajić said that the main foreign policy goal of Montenegro is membership in the European Union by 2028 and that the most important thing is for the country to show that it is a credible partner to the European Union, European Commission and to all member states.

“To become the 28th member, it is not necessary to change any treaties of the European Union because Great Britain left the EU. Conditionally speaking, there is one empty chair, and that chair should be waiting for Montenegro. We need to assert ourselves as a natural new member of the European Union. We will do that through commitment, work, seriousness, statesmanlike behavior, because that is something the European Union asks of us”, he emphasized.

Furthermore, Spajić stated that it is necessary to change the legal solutions related to the prosecution, the judiciary and the judiciary, as well as the reform of the Tax Administration, and the fulfillment of EU requirements when it comes to the register of companies and NGO organizations.

Speaking about the reconstruction of the Government, Spajić said that he is an advocate for all parties that make up the parliamentary majority to enter the Government and take responsibility.

„I advocate that we need as wide a circle of parties and leaders as possible to join this movement, which is a European movement, in some ideological sense. Because we have a mission to bring Montenegro into the European Union as soon as possible. I think that we should jointly try to bring order in this country and raise the standard of citizens to an unprecedented level and establish the rule of law at the level it should have been at”, Spajić concluded.

Watch the entire interview at the link.

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