Korać: We expect the Peres Center from Tel Aviv on Expo 2027

TEL AVIV (State of Israel), June 10, 2024 – ‘’We expect the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation from Tel Aviv to be present at the EXPO 2027 exhibition in Belgrade. The conversations we had with the leadership of the Peres Center give us reasons to believe that this will happen. This would be a significant thing for Serbia, and a significant initiative for deepening cooperation between Serbia and Israel through the promotion of peace and youth cooperation,” said Zoran Korać, Director of the Institute for Politics and Economy of Southeast Europe from Belgrade. 

After visiting the headquarters of the Peres Center in Jaffa, he pointed out that the participation of this Center in the EXPO 2027 exhibition would be “a big thing for the Balkans”. “Having such innovations and startups in Belgrade will be a great inspiration not only for the Balkans, not only for Serbia, but for all of Europe, and it will inspire many of our young people to follow that path and learn as much as possible, because education and economic development are the essence of peace and stability in the Western Balkans region,” said Korac.

He indicated that in the upcoming period, “through discussions with decision-makers from politics and business in Israel”, the format of the Peres Center’s participation in the world exhibition EXPO 2027 in Belgrade, will be precisely defined. 

During the conversation with Yona Bartal, Founder and Executive Director of the Friend Association of the Peres Center, it was pointed out that the two countries, Serbia and Israel, have strong friendly ties that need to be further strengthened through the cooperation of young people in the field of innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives.

“We are open for cooperation, and we want to exchange experiences and knowledge with our Serbian friends,” said Bartal and added that the vision of Shimon Peres was for this Center to promote peace in the region through cooperation and joint youth programs in innovation, sports and art.

Representatives of the Institute for Politics and Economy of Southeast Europe visited the photo exhibition of the famous Israeli war photojournalist Ziv Koren “October 7th’’ in the Peres Center. The exhibition is dedicated to the terrorist attack by Hamas on kibbutzim in the south of Israel, which was the direct cause for the launch of Israel’s military operation against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. 

The Peres Center for Innovation and Peace is a Jaffa-based non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 1996 by the State of Israel’s Ninth President and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shimon Peres. The aim of the Center is to spread Peres’ vision of people in the Middle East working together to build peace through cooperation in innovation, economics and social activism.

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