Journalists in Jerusalem: Israel must win the war against terrorists, there is no return to the previous situation

Today, journalist teams from Serbia and Montenegro visiting Israel had the opportunity to speak with Efraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, in Jerusalem.

On that occasion, Zuroff emphasized that Israel must win the war against terror, and that there will be no “return to the previous state”.

He stated that after what the Israelis call the “cleansing from Hamas”, Israel will not engage in civil administration in the Gaza Strip.

Zuroff expects that the administration of the Gaza Strip will be left to moderate Palestinians or that some kind of transitional government will be formed to be managed by the UN.

After that, the press delegation arrived at the shore of the Dead Sea, where the displaced citizens of Kibbutz Magen and the city of Sderot are located.

On that occasion, Dina Bernstein, spokeswoman for Kibbutz Magen, spoke for the Serbian and Montenegrin media, as did Serbian and Israeli citizen Goran Mekić, who lived in the kibbutz with his family.

They described the horror that happened on October 7, when Hamas terrorists broke into the kibbutz in the early hours of the morning, on motorcycles, and mercilessly attacked peaceful families. They are now displaced, far from their homes in the war zone, and despite the warm welcome, they feel homesick and worried.

The displaced were warned that rockets are being fired at Israel from Iraq and Yemen, and that they strictly follow security procedures.

The media delegation also attended the ceremony before Shabbos, when the honorary consul of Serbia in Israel, Aleksandar Nikolić, addressed the audience.

The hosts conveyed to the journalists the impression that the Israeli people feel relieved because of the announcement of the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, because it is obvious that for now Israel is not threatened by the danger from the north.

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