Jerusalem Post: Zoran Korać acknowledged for fostering the relations between Serbia and Israel

Zoran Korać, a significant figure in fostering the relationship between Serbia and Israel, has been acknowledged with a letter of appreciation from the State of Israel for his invaluable efforts and contribution in strengthening the friendly and diplomatic ties between Serbia and Israel, as reported by the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post.

The recognition was presented to Korać by Israel Katz, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, during a ceremony held at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem.

Minister Katz commended Korać for his dedicated commitment which contributed to the establishment of a strong partnership between the Serbian and Jewish people. “Your achievements stand as a testament to the pursuit of shared goals and to true friendship between Serbia and the State of Israel,” Katz highlighted.

Korać was especially thanked for his recent efforts in hosting Israeli sports teams in Belgrade, allowing them to continue their competitions uninterrupted during times of conflict.

Additionally, Zoran Korać organized a visit for Serbian journalists to Southern Israel immediately following the Hamas terrorists’ massacre in the kibbutzim along the Gaza Strip, providing firsthand insights into the massacre’s consequences on the people of Israel.

Jerusalem Post notes that Korać also played a central role in the enactment of the Law on the Restitution of Jewish Property in the Republic of Serbia in 2016, addressing the restitution of Holocaust victims’ property without legal heirs.

“This honor from Israel’s Foreign Minister is a testament to the enduring collaboration and mutual respect between Israel and Serbia, with Korać and President Vučić celebrated as true friends of Israel,” the article states.

Former Ambassador of the State of Israel to Belgrade, Alona Fisher Kamm, emphasized that Korać is an unavoidable figure for anyone interested in promoting relations between Israel and Serbia. “He is the man behind the screen who has been a pillar in making connections between people and identifying opportunities and shared interests. Now, it may seem obvious thanks to him, but it was not always so,” Fisher Kamm told Jerusalem Post.

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