Founder and Director

Zoran Korac

Founder and Director of the Institute for Politics and Economy of Southeast Europe

Renowned for his remarkable accomplishments as an experienced political advisor, he exudes a wealth of experience in both business and politics. Throughout his illustrious career, he has consistently showcased an exceptional acumen in international relations, project management, and strategic planning.  Armed with an astute comprehension of the intricate political and economic terrain of Southeast Europe, he has deftly maneuvered through complex environments, fashioning strategies that foster positive transformation.

Driven by an unwavering fervor for democratic ideals, he has fearlessly immersed himself in the realm of politics, providing invaluable counsel to distinguished statesmen and actively participating in movements that championed the cause of freedom.

As a part of leadership of OTPOR, a student resistance movement against the dictatorship of Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia, he played a vital role in advocating for human rights and promoting democratic values.

Furthermore, he served as an advisor to Mr. Aleksandar Vucic, during his tenure as Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia. Through his valuable counsel, he helped shape political decisions and contributed to Mr. Vucic’s success in navigating the challenges of leadership.

With a proven track record in international relations, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement, he possesses the leadership and communication skills necessary to navigate complex political landscapes and achieve positive outcomes. He excels in building partnerships, fostering consensus, and bridging cultural differences to achieve common goals.

Overall, his diverse experiences and multidimensional expertise make him a highly capable political advisor. He is skilled at analyzing complex information, providing strategic guidance, and shaping policies that promote economic growth and political stability in Southeast Europe.