Dušan Žarković: AI in Communications – Brand transformation and new content consumption trends

Dušan Žarković, Executive Director of the Institute for Politics and Economy of Southeast Europe (IPESE), participated in the 12th IPMA Research Conference titled “Project Management in the Era of Artificial Intelligence,” held at the University of Maryland, USA.

The conference brought together experts and innovators from various fields, focusing on the role of AI in business projects.

In his presentation, Žarković emphasized the significance of artificial intelligence in communications, particularly in the context of brands, media, and interactive experiences.

Žarković pointed out that AI is transforming the way we communicate, enabling brands to personalize messages and better understand consumer needs through data analysis. “This optimizes content distribution and brand placement, similar to how AI has enhanced search engine efficiency,” noted Žarković.

He also highlighted the role of AI in predicting content consumption trends, facilitating optimal targeting of distribution channels and personalized news.

Furthermore, AI technologies enable the creation of adaptive content formats that automatically adjust to different user devices and internet speeds. Interactive experiences, including personalized guides and virtual events, are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the development of metaverse technologies.

Applications such as personalized chatbots help users access information more quickly, while augmented reality opens up new ways of consuming content.

The conference addressed topics in line with the mission of IPESE: promoting innovation and developing public policies that support the application of modern technologies in all spheres of society.

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