Director of IPESE: Serbian people stand by the Jewish people in this difficult moment

It was with deep sadness that I followed today’s news from my other homeland – the State of Israel. The Institute for Politics and Economy of Southeast Europe strongly condemns the terrorist attacks on the State of Israel and joins the expressions of sympathy conveyed by the greatest world leaders regarding the suffering of innocent civilians in Israel. I am convinced that this barbaric act of terrorism will be severely punished, so that it never happens again in the future. In the continuation, I will share a letter sent by the Partizan Basketball Club from Belgrade to the friendly Maccabi Basketball Club from Tel Aviv. Our two clubs, as well as our two nations, have always shared the same values. Sport must remain above politics. I am happy that the Partizan Basketball Club, in this difficult moment for Maccabi, Tel Aviv and the entire Jewish people, showed the most beautiful qualities of humanity, hospitality and selflessness that have always distinguished the Serbian people throughout history. The Serbian people stand by the fraternal Jewish people in this difficult moment for the State of Israel and the entire democratic world.

Zoran Korac
Director of IPESE

Dear Gentleman, dear friends of BC Partizan and Serbia,

At this very sad moment, on behalf of BC Partizan Belgrade i would like to express our deepest condolences to you and the people in your country.

In this hard moment, i want to stess out that Maccabi have a true friend in Serbia, and to offer your club hospitality in city of Belgrade.

Despite hard times, athletes have to continue with their duties and to represent their Clubs and their Countries in best possible way. To be bright side of the day for their people.

In case your Club will need to play games away from home, BC Partizan is willing to secure you training facilities, accomodation and gym where you will be able to compete.

Over the last 40 years, Maccabi and Partizan were hreat rivals on the court, but after every clash, we congratulated to eachother and showed big sportsmanship.

Unfortunately, through our history we expierienced situation when we were forced to play abroad. Therefore, as a guesture of friendship and gratitude for all great moments in rich history of both clubs, we are offering you to be your host.

Friendship between our two nations in great, and we think this would be a logical move.

Feel free to contact us at any time, and we will do our best to help Maccabi.


Ostoja Mijailovic
BC Partizan Mozzart Bet

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